Ruling Principles – Action Bias

After a short break from our “Ruling Principles” series to settle your exam results nerves, we return to look at another principle of psychology that governs how we live. This week, it’s Action Bias. At its simplest, action bias is exactly what it says – a bias for action. But let’s take a more detailed … Continue reading Ruling Principles – Action Bias

Ruling Principles – The Zeigarnik Effect

First observed by Soviet psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik, the Zeigarnik Effect is the feeling of unease or discomfort that arises from incompleteness, which may come from unfinished tasks, unanswered questions or cliff-hangers in our favourite novels and TV series. Incompleteness instils a degree of mental tension that will only be relieved by completion of the respective … Continue reading Ruling Principles – The Zeigarnik Effect