By: Psych Life 


  1. The family friends and relatives who think you can read minds

Everyone has had numerous conversations, usually with relatives or their parent’s friends, about studying psychology at university.

It begins with you telling them you’re studying a psychology related degree and the universal response seems to completely misunderstand what psychology actually is. It’s the classic “Oh! So you can read our minds then?!”

That’s not the worst part, though!

Although you’re crumbling inside, you have to go along with it. An artificial chuckle and a remark of agreement will do.


  1. The NIGHTMARE that is SPSS

SPSS has got to be the worst tool used by psychologists. Right? Let’s face it, the lengthy loading time, the hideous design, the ridiculous number of unused functions, the sheer number of hours you spend analysing data – it’s all rather traumatic.

If you haven’t come across SPSS, you are lucky.


  1. The Male-Female ratio

So, you walk into your lecture on the first day, look around the room and can count the number of boys on your two hands.

If you’re a lad’s lad or maybe just looking for a male counterpart to get through your course with, your hopes are slim!


  1. A ridiculous amount of reading

Lecturers love to make you read. They love it a bit too much. And there is a lot of psychology out there to be read.

For every lecture there’s a slide worth of papers and textbooks to read. You’re swimming (drowning) in reading and just can’t keep up. All you can do is pray it’s not in the test!

For every assignment – whether it be an essay, a report or your dissertation (sorry for mentioning it!) – you trawl through nearly a century’s worth of literature and spend hours collecting relevant information. And how much of it do you actually use?! Half? A third?


  1. “I hated psychology”

Everyone that doesn’t study it hates it.

This is particularly a problem in Freshers. Pretty much everyone you talk to about your degree studied psychology at A Level or equivalent. And they all hated it. Great conversation starter.



And it wouldn’t be uni without the one student who asks, “what can you even do with a psychology degree?”

But would we swap it? No, probably not.

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