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Here’s our list of top 5 qualities required for a psychology-related job.

  1. Critical thinking and problem solving

In any psychology-related career, you will need to think critically about research methods, data and solutions. The impact of psychology is enormous, whether it be in behavioural economics, mental health, developmental disorders or education. Given the importance and significance of psychology to everyday human life, any study or theory requires meticulous evaluation. What’s more, the ability to then define and build solutions to the problems that arise from critical thinking is paramount. If you’ve got a knack for thinking on your feet, critical analysis and problem solving, your CV looks very attractive.


  1. Ability to apply theory and knowledge to the real world

What use is psychology if we don’t even apply it to human life?! The ability to apply theory to real life seems like an obvious skill that every psychologist should have. But it is not one that every psychologist – or budding psychologist – has. Too often students isolate theories and don’t think of them in the context of human life. As a graduate, if you can apply what you have learnt at university or in work experience, you’ll be an appealing candidate.


  1. Teamwork skills

A psychologist of any profession will rarely work in isolation. You’ll often be working with colleagues, clients or patients to achieve a particular goal. You need to be able to communicate effectively, take various perspectives into account, often show leadership and have great interpersonal skills, or that goal isn’t going to be achieved. If you can’t work in a team, learn how to – or don’t apply for a psychology related job!


  1. Presentation and communication skills

You need to be able to present evidence, information, theories and plans, often citing information from a range of sources. And it needs to be presentable. You may be presenting a new theory or findings from a research project, proposing a solution to improve mental health figures nationwide, advising a business on employee management or teaching clients and students. Employers will almost always have something along the lines of, “can present and communicate information in a clear and effective way” on the job requirements, especially for graduate jobs.


  1. Competence with big data and statistics

Business in all industries – particularly in psychology – regularly deal with big data. Yet over 95% of major businesses have reported that they could do with using big data more effectively. In the digital age, being able to comprehend and analyse big data is becoming more and more desirable. If you can handle it, you’re a step above everyone else!


This may all seem rather daunting, bit all psychology degrees will foster these skills, and with a bit of your own impetus, you’ll be flying straight into a graduate job!

Let us know what you think in the comments! We want to hear about your problems and your success! 

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