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There’s a number of things that employers look for in a psychology graduate and they often have to sieve through pages and pages of CV’s to find the right candidate – Here’s how you can make your CV stand out.

  1. Work Experience

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to get some relevant work experience – either an internship or a placement – before you apply for a graduate job. This should be fairly easy to do once you’re into the second year of your university course. Most employers look for students in their second year rather than their first. Your university should provide you with a means of finding work experience, or you can use our ‘Jobs’ page to see if there’s anything for you! Really emphasise your relevant work experience in your CV and, importantly, show which skills you developed and how you advanced as a psychologist


  1. Real World Application

Give some examples of how you’ve applied what you learnt during your degree to the real world. Have you done an independent study? Maybe you conducted a research project as part of your degree?  Talk about it! Employers really want you to be able to apply theory and knowledge to the real world – what use is psychology if we don’t do this anyway?! Lots of candidates will plod through their degree without giving a thought to the practical implications of what they’re being taught.


  1. Teamwork Skills

As a psychologist in any profession, you’ll probably be working in a team a lot of the time, whether it’s with colleagues, clients or patients. So, you need to have good teamwork skills. Have you ever completed any significant group projects, played in a sports team, or worked in a team somewhere else? Get it in there! Anything that demonstrates significant teamwork is good!


  1. Microsoft Office Skills

This might sound like a silly/obvious one, but it is surprising how many students graduate without suitable skill in working with Excel, Word or PowerPoint. Let’s face it, you’re going to have to do a lot of plugging data into excel – or SPSS (sorry!) – or creating presentations as a graduate employee. Why would someone employ you to do that if you don’t have the skills to do it? Make sure it’s in your CV, even if it’s just a one-liner.


  1. Personality

As we mentioned, employers will read through lots of CV’s – potentially hundreds, depending on the job –and the vast majority will be boring. Make yours stand out and reach to the employer’s emotions by showing a bit of personality. They want to employ a person after all, not a robot.


There’s our top 5 tips! Let us know which of these have been most useful in the comments below!

Good Luck!

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