Love is a difficult emotion,
Power is it’s USP(unique selling point)
It’s more than a difficult notion.
It’s what truly defines me.
I love to be loved,
So do I gift to be gifted?
Or do I love being loved?
And is my gift to be gifted?
Do we give in this world to make others feel uplifted?
Or is it our own selfish needs that depict our picture of life?
Get your shovels and spades because this is coming from the heart,
We’ll find diamonds on the way even though the start is the hardest part
Or might it be the easiest?
Initially, you can go out to clubs and enjoy your night
But as time goes on we put up with what is more than a fight.
Our selfish needs get in the way,
Is it the devil on our shoulder which leads us astray?
So when I give my love,
Do You expect my all?
Bare in mind I have to share it through all seasons like fall
Philosophy gives us the question am I temporal or spatial?
So do I give it all to you now?
Because that could be fatal.
So I’ll leave you to ponder;
Is love as majestic as a white dove?
Does it hurt to love or does it hurt to be loved?

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