This is the world that we live in today,

Where societal norms form an array

Of sunshine, we’d hope,

Yet burdened by clouds of judgement,

A concept so cold and its meaning so pungent.

They define our identity,

Who we really are,

Deciding our identity,

Like a shooting star.

We bathe in wishful thinking,

Washing away from within,

All for the surface,

Yet it is a layer so thin.

That’s not to say it’s irrelevant,

Because we’re all quick to judge,

It’s our ingrained heuristics,

That leaves our visions so smudged,

But I’d like to propose something,

Take my hand if you will,

I’ll use the word ‘if’ a lot,

For an ambiguous thrill.

If my behaviour isn’t my identity,

And if I’m shaped by my surroundings,

If I’ve been through the dirt,

And if I struggle to find my grounding,

What makes you think thatย I,

Can become who I want?

I’ve felt all the pain,

Now I’m an illegible font.

Because, my friend,

It’s the pain, that will take you so deep,

Inside a world of your own,

Not the world of the sheep.

You become your own shepherd,

Responsible for your actions,

Coming to realisations,

That fate isn’t decided by factions.

Yes, I’ve been through the dirt,

I’ve seen a few diamonds,

Are they simply distractions?

Only when my sole intention is to find them.

They’re made up of atoms,

Just like me,

Yet their value far greater than the visions I see.

Perception is the matter,

The matter not easily understood,

But if I perceive myself as valuable,

I’ll achieve what I should.

All that pain and suffering,

It’s all just a test,

It’s survival of the fittest and I’m the best of the best.

I learn from my own experience,

I’ve been held down,

My knowledge is power,

And application serves the crown.

So I’ll use my adversity,

To propel me through,

They’ll never see it coming,

They’ll have no clue,

That when they try to suppress me,

I’ll surpass expectations,

For the clouds are just an obstacle,

Overcome by my radiation

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on






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