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Clouded Judgement

This is the world that we live in today, Where societal norms form an array Of sunshine, we’d hope, Yet burdened by clouds of judgement, A concept so cold and its meaning so pungent. They define our identity, Who we really are, Deciding our identity, Like a shooting star. We bathe in wishful thinking, Washing … Continue reading

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A Gift & A Curse

Love is a difficult emotion, Power is it’s USP(unique selling point) It’s more than a difficult notion. It’s what truly defines me. I love to be loved, So do I gift to be gifted? Or do I love being loved? And is my gift to be gifted? Do we give in this world to make … Continue reading

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Misplaced Love

I gave a boy everything I had to give Money I didn’t have, time I couldn’t waste. when he lost his peace, I found it and dragged it back to him I showed him another side of the world without ever leaving the city he told me that I was so kind, so sensitive that … Continue reading

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Clearing: The Opportunity I Needed

August 17th 2017. This could be one of the most important days of my life. This was what dictated, at the very least, two things for my future. Do I get the opportunity to go to University? Do I get to go to the University of my Choice? For some of you it may be … Continue reading.

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On The Other Side

I had just transferred to a new high school, boarding school in fact. I didn’t know anybody there. I thought that was going to be my only problem in high school. For the first time in my life I started to experience a relation between my issues and my health. So here I was in … Continue reading

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